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Featured Harvest of the Month

The Harvest of the Month Featured Produce is


Reasons to Eat Pumpkin

One ½ cup of pumpkin provides:


  • An excellent source of vitamin A.
  • A good source of vitamin C.
  • Fiber.


Fun Facts


  • Pumpkins are 90% water.
  • Pumpkins can range in size from less than a pound (miniatures) to over 1,000 pounds (giant pumpkins).
  • Pumpkins are members of the vine family called cucurbits, related to squash and melons.
  • In California, about 90% of pumpkins are grown specifically for Halloween. 


Buying Tips:


  • Pick fresh pumpkins that are firm and feel heavy for their size.
  • Keep fresh pumpkins in a cool, dark place for up to two months.
  • Look for canned pumpkin with no added sugars or sodium. You can use canned pumpkin in any recipe that uses cooked pumpkin.
  • For best prices, buy pumpkins at a pick-your-own pumpkin patch or a local farmers’ market.