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Top 10 Ways to Get Kids Involved in Healthy Cooking & Shopping
How Can Kids Help?

10. Mean Green Cleaning Machine.
Let them wash fruits and vegetables when preparing for cooking or eating.

9. Pick A Peck!
When shopping, let them select a new fruit or vegetable to try … or several!

8. Make It Snappy!
Let them snap the green beans, snap peas, or break the flowerets from the broccoli or cauliflower.

7. I Spy.
Play “I Spy” in the produce section when grocery shopping.

6. Tear It Up!
Let them tear the lettuce for salads and sandwiches.

5. Measure Up!
Let them measure the vegetables before cooking them.

4. Peel & Slice.
Older children can peel and slice carrots, cucumbers, potatoes … the list goes on!

3. Stir & Spice.
Make applesauce from fresh apples. Let them help stir and add the cinnamon

2. A Sprinkle A Day…

Let them sprinkle herbs or other seasonings onto vegetables.

1. Monster Mash!
Pull out the potato masher!

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Healthy Families
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Nutrition Services has numerous resources for parents ranging from cookbooks to physical activity booklets to its increasingly popular Healthy Living Champions for Change. Hosted in elementary and middle schools, Healthy Living Champions for Change empower parents to become actively engaged in the nutrition and overall health of their families, schools, and communities. During monthly meetings, parents learn about healthy eating and physical activity programs and participate in food demonstrations that focus on healthy food preparation. They also learn the importance of community empowerment, discovering how to become nutrition and physical activity Champions for Change agents in their schools and neighborhoods.

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Healthy Kids


Childhood obesity continues to be a problem in Alameda County. As a result, Nutrition Services has developed strong partnerships with school districts to promote healthy food practices and increased physical activity practices. One of its premiere programs is Harvest of the Month, which brings seasonal produce to classrooms in Nutrition Services’ Oakland Unified School District partner schools. In addition to its Harvest of the Month program, Nutrition Services has identified several web sites that promote healthy kids. For more information, click here.