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Many older Americans are living on fixed incomes and are looking for ways to save money in the kitchen. Try these tips to cut your grocery bills:

Cook Alternative Protein Foods – instead of meat or chicken, cook meals that use eggs, beans or tofu. You still get lots of protein but it doesn’t cost as much.
Check out the bulk bin - Look for dried fruits, nuts, rice, pasta and cereals.

Try Frozen – You can save even more money by buying large bags, using what you need and sealing tightly in the freezer between uses.

Buy in Season – You can get the best deals and they taste best when you buy fruits and vegetables in season.
Store Brands are Cheaper – look for generic and store brands that can be exactly the same as brand names and cost less.

Plant a Garden – Try growing your own herbs and vegetables at home. Many plants don’t need much space and can grow in containers or on the window sill.


Healthy Living
Healthy Seniors

Healthy living for older adults is an important part of the work of Nutrition Services.  Healthy eating and staying active are key components to helping seniors lead happier, healthier lives. Nutrition Services coordinates Senior Healthy Living Councils that focus on topics that are relevant for healthy aging and engages older adults in education, training, and leadership opportunities.  Check out the recipe book created by our Healthy Living Councils and find a Healthy Living Council near you.

Senior Healthy Living Eating

Healthy eating…for life!

Check out the Healthy Eating...for life cookbook, a collection of favorite recipes from participants in Healthy Living Councils held at senior centers in Oakland. Nutrition Services analyzed and adapted the traditional recipes to help make them healthier.

Senior Healthy Living Council


Nutrition Services’ staff coordinates five Senior Healthy Living Champions for Change groups which meet in senior and recreation centers throughout Oakland and San Leandro. The groups meet monthly and focus on issues relating to health and nutrition.

The senior members actively participate in the group by setting healthy living goals for themselves, learn from food demonstrations that focus on healthy food preparation, and contribute to discussions about health. The seniors promote good nutrition and physical activity at their centers and work on making changes in their communities to support healthy changes.