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Nutrition Services has developed a series of nutrition education curricula for train-the-trainer workshops. Check out the education modules that are designed for you to present to your clients, at the worksite to staff, or even at a family reunion…


BANPAC Water Campaign (PowerPoint) Presentation: English
Sample Water Activities: English
Water Cost Activity – Shorter Version: English
Water Cost Activity – Longer Version: English
Recipe for Change: English
Anatomy of a Tooth: English


Presentation Guide: English | Spanish
Foodhabits Checklist: English | Spanish
EHMMFH Graph - 1: English | Spanish
EHMMFH Graph - 2: English | Spanish
EHMMFH Graph - 3: English | Spanish
MyPlate Graphic: English | Spanish
Activity Balancing Your Meals: English | Spanish
Healthy Body Tips for Fruit/ Veg: English | Spanish
Handout Healthier Me Commitments: English | Spanish
FAQs Healthy Body: English | Spanish
Agenda Eat Well- Workshop: English
Commitment Form: English | Spanish
Evaluation Form: English | Spanish
Spa Water Recipes: English | Spanish


Lesson Uno (PowerPoint Presentation - 6MB)
Lesson Dos (PowerPoint Presentation - 8.5MB)
Lesson Tres (PowerPoint Presentation - 4.5MB)


MyPlate Intro Powerpoint Presentation: English | Spanish
MyPlate Presentation: English | Spanish
What is a Whole Grain?: English | Spanish
My Plate Frequently Asked Questions: English | Spanish
Food Cards: English | Spanish
Ritz Label: English | Spanish
MyPlate Website 1: English | Spanish
MyPlate Website 2: English
MyPlate Website 3: English
My Plate Activity: English | Spanish
MyPlate Activity Answer: English | Spanish


Fat & Sugar Curriculum
Fat Content - Popular Foods


Trans Fat Presentation Guide: English | Spanish
Artery Diagram
Celeste Product Label and Nutrition Facts
Ritz Product Label and Nutrition Facts
Honey Maid Product Label and Nutrition Facts
Doritos Product Label and Nutrition Facts
Pop Secret Product Label and Nutrition Facts


Ice Breaker: English | Spanish
Secrets of Sodium (PowerPoint Presentation): English
Secrets of Sodium Presentation Guide: English | Spanish
Sample Menu & Graphics (Color): English | Spanish
Sample Menue & Graphics (B/W): English | Spanish
Sodium Food Label: English | Spanish
Low Sodium Food: English
High Sodium Food: English
Tips to Cut Down on Sodium: English | Spanish
Seasoning Instead of Salt: English | Spanish
FAQs: English | Spanish
Fresh Herb Activity: English | Spanish
Fresh Herb Activity Answers: English | Spanish


The Importance of Being Sugar Savvy (PowerPoint): English
Ice Breaker Game: English
Be Sugar Savvy Presentation Guide: English | Spanish
Sugar Calculation: English | Spanish
Sugar Shockers: English | Spanish
Show Me the Sugar: English | Spanish
Sugar FAQs: English | Spanish
S-O-D-A Song: English


What's in Your Bag - Presentation Guide
What's In Your Bag – Breakfast: English | Spanish
What's In Your Bag – Breakfast & Lunch: English | Spanish
Build a Better Bag at McDonald's
Build a Better Bag Worksheet
Fast Food Tips
Nutrition Facts for Popular Fast Food Meals


3Ps Healthy Meal Planner: English
3Ps Healthy Meal Planner Worksheet: English | Spanish
3Ps Smart Shopper Comparison: English | Spanish
3Ps What's on the Shelf: English | Spanish
3Ps Icebreaker Puzzle: English | Spanish
The 3Ps of Healthy Eating...On a Budget Presentation Guide: English | Spanish


Presentation Guide: English | Spanish
What is a Whole Grain: English | Spanish
Facts About Fiber: English | Spanish
Fiber in Foods: English | Spanish
Fill Up With Fiber Worksheet: English | Spanish
High Fiber Recipe: English
Raisin Bran Label: English
Ritz Label: English
Trix Label: English

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Tap into Health Water Promotion Toolkit

Tap into Health Water Promotion Toolkit Title Page: PDF
Tap into Health Water Promotion Toolkit: PDF

Getting Started

Water Campaign Checklist: Word Doc
Partner Letter: Word Doc

Water Education

Lessons for Students - Visuals: PPT
Activities for Adults- Visuals: PPT
Lessons for Students – Lesson One Materials: PDF
Lessons for Students – Lesson Two Materials: PDF
Lessons for Students – Lesson Three Materials: PDF
Lessons for Students – Lesson Four Materials: PDF
Lessons for Students – Lesson Five Materials: PDF
Tapped: The Movie – Student Viewer’s Guide: PDF
Tapped: The Movie – Teacher’s Guide: PDF
Activities for Adults – SPANISH: PDF
Activities for Adults - Lesson Four Materials - Tap vs Bottled - SPANISH: PDF
Activities for Adults – Lesson One Materials: PDF
Activities for Adults – Lesson Two Materials: PDF
Activities for Adults – Lesson Three Materials: PDF
Activities for Adults – Lesson Four Materials: PDF
Activities for Adults – Lesson Five Materials: PDF
Tapped: The Movie – Advanced Viewer’s Guide: PDF

Water Promotion

Flyer - The True Cost of Water: PNG
Flyer - Tap vs Bottled: PDF
Flyer – Tap vs Bottled - Spanish: PDF
Flyer - Rethink Your Drink: PDF
Flyer - Bottled Water: PDF
Flyer - Fit Facts: PDF
Poster - Water = Life: PNG
Poster - Want to Stay Hydrated?: JPG
Poster - What’s So Soft About the Soft Drink #1: JPG
Poster - What’s So Soft About the Soft Drink #2: JPG
Poster - Hydrate to Stay Healthy: JPG
Poster - Just Tap It: PNG
Poster - Drink Water: English
Spa Water Recipe - English and Spanish: PDF
Water Wheel Graphic: PDF
Water Wheel Questions: PDF
Water Fountain Safety Signs: PDF

Water Bottles

Water Bottle Design Contest Materials: Publisher
Sample Water Bottle Order Specifications: Word Doc
Water Bottle Scavenger Hunt Fountain Message Signs: PDF
Water Bottle Scavenger Hunt Form - Blank: Word Doc
Water Bottle Scavenger Hunt Form - Filled: Word Doc

Water Fill Station Advocacy

Student Water Consumption Study Description: Word Doc
Student Water Consumption Tracking Sheet: Word Doc
Student Water Survey: Word Doc
Photovoice Materials: PDF

Water Fill Stations

Water Dispenser Options: PDF
Cost Calculator: Excel

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California Nutrition Network Materials

Nutrition Services has a host of materials to assist you. Additionally, partners can order select Network materials at cost, visit

Healthy Living for Life! Toolkit Folder


Nutrition Services provides several tool kits for loan. The kits contain curriculum, camera-ready handouts, and visual aides that can be used to teach family, friends and students about a variety of nutrition-related topics.

Call Nutrition Services at 510.595.6454 to check on tool kit availability. If the tool kit you want to borrow is available, stop by Nutrition Services at 3600 Telegraph, Oakland, and simply complete the required check out form. Please review Nutrition Services Tool Kits.




Nutrition Services has the following cookbooks available to help you in planning meals for your family:

Healthy Latino Recipes – English/Spanish
Everyday Healthy Meals – English/Spanish
Kids Get Cooking
Soulful Recipes - Building Healthy Traditions
Chinese Cookbook

Also check out the Healthy Eating...for life cookbook, a collection of favorite recipes from participants in Healthy Living Councils held at Senior Centers in Oakland.

Food Assistance Programs

Food assistance programs

The Alameda County Nutrition Action Partners (CNAP) offers food assistance information for local USDA Programs, including CalFresh (formally Food Stamps), Emergency Foods, School Meals, and WIC (download details in English / Spanish). These Programs increase food security and reduce hunger by providing children and low-income individuals and families’ access to healthy foods.


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